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Permanent Free Ads in Tanger Free Zone Unique Business Website
Free Ads Option anables you to edit by yourself as many Free Ads as you want in English And in French within Tanger Business. Your Free Ads are accessible from search engines via your keywords.

• You write your Ads contents in English and French if you want.

• Use Free Ads Option to inform  Tanger Business site users about your commercial offer.

• Take advantage of all Tanger Business advertising power
How does Free Ads Option Work?

1 - Your Free Ads remains live in TangerBusiness.com as long as you want.

2 - When a potential customer replies to your Free Ads: Fist Come, First Serve system.

A - Tanger Business deals with the potential customer request (query and offer best match)

B- Then we propose you to buy the potential customer detailed request for a $57 administration fees.

C- Should you accept the offer, you become the sole and exclusive owner of the potential customer detailed request.

D- Should you decline the potential customer detailed request, TangerBusiness.com will propose it to your closest competitor(s) who has also advertised within the same category as yours.

Free Ads Conditions:
• Write Unlimited Ads in English and in French if you want
• Limited characters for you Ads - See Ads sample.
• No image, no vidéo.
• Permanent dispaly of your ads.
Your Free Ads HERE Now!
Your Free Ads wil be displayed as you write it. You can also write it down in French. Nothing to pay for Ads diffusion. Create as many Ads as you want for Free!

IMPORTANT : The Company reserves the right to refuse any abusive Ads, badly written or redundant Ads.
You’ve Just Found the FREE and Permanent Method to Search for Business Leads via Tanger Med.
Where to Find International Clients and Partners?
How to Advertise Internationally WITH NO BUDGET ?
100 words to Grab International Decision Makers Interest
Does Your International Ads Reach the Right People?
• Free Ads Promotion By Business category and language

• 24/7 Internet Marketing

• Tanger Business deals with potential customers requests (best match)

• Ads Owner can buy potential customer detailed request for $57 Admin fees

• Create unlimited French and English Free Ads
5 Key Benefits of Permanent Free Ads

What doesthat mean?


As Tanger Business, I give you the opportunity to promote your company risk free. You don’t have to be a savvy IT geek. You even do not need to know any foreign language. Tanger Business does all the hardwork for you plus we seek for you the right international clients and business partners. These key and confidential information are delivered to you directly into your inbox email. To do so, you may either choose the Free Ads option or the $87 French-English webpages option for  30 days, representing only $2.90 each day !


I offer You Permanent Display Guarantee


A - Happy with your Free Ads? Why not editing many more ads still free of charge. Feel free to use Tanger Business as your free International marketing partner as you ads will remain live as long as you wish.


B - Should you need more exposure, more clients and less competitors, we strongly recommend you choose 30 day period French - English web pages for only $87 plus you benefit from a very special offer. See offer below.


As you can see, you always win using Tanger Business services.


Whatever your need rest assured of our professionalism and customer care as we strive to deliver top Imports Exports transactions quality service .


I sincerely hope this offer would interest a manager like you concerned about the success of its company in regard to International corporate decisions making.



Business First!




Online Permanent Display Guarantee
How To Create Your Free Ads - Sample Ads
Free Ads Sample

Sell Advertising

Ads Title : Automotive parts manufacturer

Text (100 words maximum):
Morocco automotive specialized in the manufacture of  hand brakes, exhausts, alloy products seeks international buyers in China, japan, South Korea. Our company already works with a major car manufacturer in Western Europe and seeks new markets in Asia.
Language Spoken : English, Arabic, Spanish, French

Votre domaine d'activité textiles
Vos mots-clés: grossistes textile, denim, fabrication de jean, fabrication textile

REF - Tangerbusiness.com delivers a REFERENCE Code to each Ads.
Use Tanger Business As Your Unique Internet Imports, Exports For Africa and Europe
Get Clients on a First Come, First Serve Basis
PS: Need more exposure, more clients and less competitors? Choose our 30 day period French - English web pages for only $87 plus you benefit from a special offer below.

Buy 30 days French-English Page Web  AND Get 60 days !

30 days FREE International Online Marketing

$87 instead of $174 = Daily $1.45/day instead of $2.90/day!

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Dear Importer- Exporter,

Did you know that Tanger (Tangier) Free Zone is the place to be to make International business free of charge and find new Africa and Europe partners for your company?

Find your new Europe or Africa business partner from ZERO to $87
Using Tanger Business as your online channel, you will be able to generate sales and business leads as well as selling your products and services from ZERO up to $87!

The question is HOW can you do that? The answer is:
Tanger Business is THE Unique communication and Internet marketing channel of Tanger (Tangier) Free Zone.

With Tanger Business, your have access to all international business in Europe and Africa who want to do business with Tanger Free Zone. Consequently you will be able to find new International clients and partners from the comfort of your desk wherever you are located in the World as you benefit from customized and personalized Internet Marketing services.
The way Tanger Business works is very simple. Your may publish your business offers using free ads or having a dedicated and personalized Internet page within www.tangerbusiness.com web site. (see English sample and French sample )
All you have to do is to choose your option and start to do business straight away.
You can withhold, cancel or even re-activate your Tanger Business account at any time with no obligation.
Email: info@tangerbusiness.com?subject=Free permanent ads
Email: info@tangerbusiness.com?subject=French to English Webpages
Your interview video each month like this one above, when you sign up for English and French web pages in Tanger Business.