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As a business manager you need to find up-to-date business news in Tanger Med at regular period of time to help you take the right decisions for your business.  

Using TangerBusiness.com as your International link, your future business partners and new clients will now be able to find what you have to offer within only one website gathering all the necessary information you need to know to make business.

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TangerBusiness.com is a branch of Catalyst Entrepreneur Ltd, UK based company. Serge Carene is the CEO of www.catalystentrepreneur.com

TangerBusiness.com project is managed by Rachid Benyakhlef, Managing Director and specialized in International Development.

Rachid Benyakhlef , Tanger based Manager has a Legal and International background plus the knowledge of Tanger Med procedures to help your business grow using TangerBusiness.com

Partnering with TangerBusiness is like having a permanent and dedicated Tanger Agent based representing your interests whilst you are away. Therefore you will always have the right information, from the right place at the right time!
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How to get Free International trade in Tanger Free Zone with TangerBusiness.com

First of all you probably need to know what Tanger Free Zone is and how it could help your business grow and develop in new markets.

At the crossroads of Europe and Africa and between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, Tanger opens the door onto Morocco.

No African city is closer to Europe than Tanger. (see maps below)
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Tanger Business is the Unique Internet platform that enables you to promote your business and reach key strategic decision makers located in the Mediterranean Geographic zone.

This is paramount for your business should you want to widen your horizon and generate international leads with new buyers and commercial partners.

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How to benefit from Tanger Business offer?
To promote your business in Africa, Europe and  Worldwide, simply as TangerBusiness.com to manage your presence in Tanger Free Zone.

It’s very easy to start as we offer 2 options to generate business leads in Europe and Africa. One is the free Ads the other is the paid webpage in both English and French designed by our Internet Marketing pros on your behalf.

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Whatever your choice Tanger Business strives to deliver top quality service to help you get Business leads.

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Why Tanger Business.com ?
Introducing Tanger Business .com, Your Tanger Med Partner
On top of its strategic location, Tanger (Tangier) benefits from important investments to facilitate the implementation of companies targeting Europe and the Mediterranean area.

The importance of dealing in Europe, Africa and Middle East countries

International investments so far have enabled Tanger to build up 3 main harbours to boost trade exchanges at the crossroads of 3 continents:  Europe, Africa and Middle East and key business trade spots like European Union, Mediterranean Business Committee, Israel, and Arabic Nations.
Tanger at the crossroad of 3 continents:  Europe, Africa and Middle East
Tanger Med, 32 Miles away from Spain nearest port.
Serge Carene


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